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I aspire to be an infinite heat sink.

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924gilman, absurdism, adventures, affection, baking, bees, bodywork, breaking things, cardamom, controlling information, dragons, drum corps, editing, editing theory, ethnomusicology, etymology, experimental physicists, gamelan, gaming, garlic varieties, genre classification, geological strata, ginger, good company, gudeg yogya, house of usher, ice hockey, law, looking up, luhi, massage, mpr, nicknames, olfaction, organic architecture, pants, percussion, physics, pie, pinball, plaid, propaganda, pumpkin in baked goods, research, risley, sambal, science fiction, shadowrun, singing, squamata, storytelling, sunshine, the bible, the oed, the pearl poet, the tristan chord, traipsing, translation, usdan, video games, you if you're cute
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